Tools are as powerful as they are dangerous. Heard of that multi-million dollar mistake brought on by a missing decimal? Oopsies. Unfortunately, the hard truth is that not everyone understands how to best leverage their existing systems. We are here to help. 

Consulting Services

We provide expert development services and programming, ranging from simple Excel spreadsheet-based solutions to fully integrated systems applications, dashboards, and business models for organizations of all sizes. Each project we take on begins and ends with the people, processes, and "off-the-grid" business requirements that we believe are critical success factors in any deliverable. 

Our core specialties include Microsoft Excel based solutions, along with a wide range of modern software tools and business intelligence technologies. We understand the importance of getting these systems to "talk" to each other. We know that the tool and the process are inseparable, and we strive to understand your unique needs and organization culture as we design your solution.

Our Process

Ready to get started on a project with XSzil? Here are the highlights of how we work:

We meet with you in person, over the phone, or online to get to know you, your resources, your business goals and challenges.

We prepare your short list of options with "concept" screenshots and related estimates (time and money).

You approve the project and we get to work, setting your financial and operational models up for success.

We communicate with you regularly to get your feedback along the way, all the way through to completion.